Using a hoop in each hand, you will attempt to cross the traverse box as...
Balance and strength play a key role in progressing through this particular feature.
Holding on to the ropes of each swing and using your feet to keep your...
This requires upper body strength and the ability to control your movement across the swinging...

Ninja Park Builders are constantly designing and developing new and exciting Ninja Park features. To date we have produced over 50 interchangeable concepts, which have been specifically designed to suit a wide range of users with varied ability levels. Our obstacle courses can be aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced level and be single, double or triple tear.

  • Horizontal rotating log
  • Horizontal rotating log with extension arm and foot pads (as seen on TV)
  • Vertical rotating log (easy and hard)
  • Floating upper boards
  • Hang tilt bar
  • Traverse overhead box (multi-function, rings, hand)
  • Cargo foam filled assault net
  • Spiderman wall
  • Floating doors
  • Spinning wheels
  • Balance beams (with optional challenge bags)
  • Salmon ladder
  • Cargo net crawl
  • Padded tube swing
  • Ring run (hands and feet option)
  • Pole run
  • Quad step
  • Spring loaded mushrooms (various heights)
  • Angled run walls
  • Reaction wall (Ninja speed test)
  • Ring slider
  • Tilting frames
  • Pipe slider
  • Offset padded logs
  • Monkey bars
  • Hanging bungee ropes
  • Conveyor belt
  • Floating bridges
  • Warped wall