We have just completed the build of the world largest Ninja Park in Manchester, Total Ninja.

The park consists of 11 different runs and caters for all abilities. There is nothing else in the UK that compares to the ninja inspired obstacles and expert level equipment. This is the first of its kind in the UK inside a 40,000 sq ft unit.

The ninja runs are interchangeable for future upgrades to keep customers returning for a new challenge. There is no set blueprint for any ninja park we produce. We sit down with our clients and design every aspect of the ninja park before entering into building and development.


To capture their customers in action on the equipment, Total Ninja have installed a camera system activated by RFID wristbands to grab pictures and videos of their customers attempting all obstacles which they can obtain through a unique reference number at home or on the move. This can be downloaded and shared on social media using Kapture Band technology.

CallĀ 01928 567260 for more information